Big couple of weeks for me here.  I was able to attend a workshop over the weekend with Armand Serrano who has been one of my heroes for a while now.  I learned a lot from him about his job and how he solves problems in visual development for animation.  It definitely seems less scary than what I've been making it.  I think before actually working somewhere you feel like you need to have the answer to every problem, but that's just not the case.  Even Armand is challenged with new ideas whenever he joins a production and it's up to his fortitude to not shy away and just go for it.  It's exhilarating to think that at any point in your career you are going to just be stumped.  I love that about this work and as frustrating as it can be sometimes it's nice to know that I will always be challenged.

Here's a set of images from the last couple of weeks, some figures and some watercolor plein air.  I'm updating Antler Girl today as well so there will be more images to look at over there!  Buh-bye :)