Can't believe a month has gone by!  I haven't been updating as regularly but I haven't dropped the pencil or stylus.  I'll have to get back into my weekly habit again.  It's been incredibly rainy the last month and so a lot of the roads to my figure drawing sessions have been closed.  I've been marinating on a few ideas that aren't fully done but I'm starting to get the workflow down.  I had not really done as many creative paintings until recently because I always had a landscape or model to sketch from.  I think this has been challenging in a good way for me.  I find myself looking in the mirror doing poses for characters in scenes and also doing a lot more research online for the things that make me curious.  Research is almost like 30% of making the actual image!  I'm really enjoying the process so I think I'll try to come up with more of these kind of storytelling moments.