Extra more vacation and workshops

So, once again I haven't had the spare time to update my blog or site due to traveling and filling my weekends.  The big things were the schoolism.com workshop which went on over the end of June and this last weekend floating down the Sacramento River in Chico.  The Schoolism workshop was awesome!  I got to meet and talk with artists from Dreamworks, Pixar and Disney as well as independent IP creators like Lorne Lanning who came up with Oddworld.  It was super insightful to hear the lectures and I met a lot of local artists who I'll hopefully be able to keep in touch with.  The river float was as good as you could imagine.  Amidst my leisure I couldn't help but notice the way the silhouettes of the trees were so simple.  I've always built up drawing to be this super defined task and no image could be complete without an incredible amount of detail.  It might have been the sunglasses, but I saw things in a new light (light, haha!).  Also, watching a bit of Bob Ross over my friends shoulder might have helped.

Here are sketches from the last few life drawing sessions, enjoy!