So this was an exciting week.  I've got a new job coming up in the next week that will give me back precious time to practice art.  I was working full time for about 2 months there and it was really frustrating to try and fit all of the learning I'd like to do into the very limited time before and after work.  It's tough!  Anyway, I'm going back to a 4 day week so I'll have plenty more time to study up and get into more art.  I'm very excited!

This weeks figure drawings are a little less colorful but I felt more grounded.  I was right about laying down a road map before applying color.  I noticed that I was able to be much more confident in the color phase and I spent less time second guessing the decisions I was making.  It was a fun night despite the weird election going on at the same time.  It was good to be distracted I guess.  As always, please enjoy!